Facts about cervival cancer and Gardasil

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Facts You Should Know About Cervical Cancer

  1. According to the National Cancer Society, mortality rates for cervical cancer have declined 75% since the Pap test was widely implemented more than 50 years ago.

  2. There is less than a 1% lifetime risk of developing cervical cancer and less than one quarter of 1% lifetime risk of dying of cervical cancer. That means 3 per 100,000 women die from cervical cancer in the US annually.

  3. There are dozens of HPVs assoicated with cervical cancer. However, In 90% of women, HPVs clear up on their own within two years. Of the remaining 10% of HPV infections, only half will develop into cervical cancer. It is only when the HPV virus persists for many years that abnormal cells could turn into cancer.

  4. The length of time required to develop invasive cervical cancer after identification of precursor lesions averages between 8.1 and 12.6 years and may require up to 40 years.

5. Nearly all cervical cancer deaths are preventable by a simple Pap screening and appropriate follow up.

Facts You Should Know About Gardasil 9 which is now the only HPV vaccine available in the US

  1. The goal of the vaccine is to induce the body to create antibodies for seven HPV viruses associated with cervical cancer and two HPV viruses that cause genital warts.

  2. The vaccine is reportedly effective in inducing the desired antibodies, however, it is not known how long this protection lasts. It appears to last for five years, after which one may need a booster shot and of course it does not address all of the HPV viruses associated with cervical cancer.

  3. Gardasil and Gardasil 9 have never been shown to actually prevent cervical cancer or any other cancer. Therefore it is essential to continue to have regular Pap screens to test for cervical cancer.

  4. These HPV vaccines do not cure cervical cancer. It will not be known for decades if the vaccine has any effect on preventing cervical cancer.

  5. Females with previous or active exposure to the targeted HPVs at the time of inoculation have a significantly increased risk (44.6%) of developing severe dysplasia or cervical cancer if they are vaccinated. There is no pretesting to see if one as at such risk.

  6. Gardasil contains an aluminum adjuvant which is a known neurotoxin. The concentration of aluminum in Gardasil is 18,000 times higher than what the FDA considers safe in injectable products. Gardasil 9 contains twice the amount of aluminum as Gardasil. ( §201.323 Aluminum in large and small volume parenterals used in total parenteral nutrition. Federal Register/Rules and Regulations. Vol 68 (106) Tuesday June 3, 2003. Page 32981)

  7. Gardasil/Gardasil 9 have been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing yearly. Recent research has shown an increase in cervical cancer in the vaccinated population. Serious events include blood clots, organ inflammation, pulmonary embolism, seizures, respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders, motor disorders, paralysis, debilitating headaches, dizziness, extreme fatigue, heart arrhythmia, Guilliane Barre, encephalitis, and death. DHHS has conceded that Gardasil has caused death.

  8. The vaccine was fast-tracked by the FDA and was approved in just six months. Because it was fast-tracked, there are no long term safety studies, no studies about the interaction with other vaccines given concomitantly, and no studies about the interaction with birth control pills.

  9. The effect on a fetus or reproduction is unknown. A higher number of breast-feeding infants whose mothers received Gardasil had acute respiratory illnesses as compared to infants whose mothers received placebos.

  10. The vaccine has not been evaluated for potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.

Adverse symptoms following vaccinations should be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) at http://vaers.hhs.gov .


"Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year."

"The only known benefit to receiving three doses of Gardasil will be a greater chance that their Pap screens over the next 5 years will be normal."

"Parents and women must know that deaths occur."

The above quotes are from Dr. Diane Harper, the former lead investigator for clinical trials of Gardasil for Merck.



The CDC/FDA also has a facts /questions site, but you won't get the full story there. They are in a state of denial that you should have any concerns about the more than 66,420 adverse events reported, including more than 524 deaths (as of 10/26/2020.